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[Cornavirus Messege] We are all equal now?!
In The Name Of Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

[Image: Coronavirus-696x522.jpg]

Hey guys, I hope you spending time right now with your family healthy and happily. IF we could get in deeps with corona virus everyone saying this was a biological weapon used by whoever! This weapon was under control at the very first time when arrived but looks like it is out of control and everyone in jail. As human we don't feel whom are starving before we feel the same feeling. We don't care about whom don't have money before we are fired of our job. What I'm trying to say, it is really and we will be the dumbest one to stay in the same situation after corona virus. Right now we are equal to those people who live in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Many more countries in Asia and Africa. We feel them! They are in jail actually internal jail inside their houses which are not really safe and you hope the next target wont be your house and not going to blow on your face.

Don't you really think it is time to think about them?? Don't you think it is out duty to work hard and help those in need?! IF you can't reach Asia but you can give a hand to the homeless down your street near you!!!

We are human but the chances you had to grow they never had!!! The chance you are right now safe inside your house they never hard. The environment you grow in away of bombs blowing your family face!!

I can't stop, but I will stop here and will let you think about it? Would you be the same person before and after corona crisis?! Aren't we all human beings?? Don't you have right to live in peace? What about them? Where are whom once said they have best health system?! These questions and many more can be corona-virus message to us.

Thank you for reading.

We have got you my little friend, now please leave and don't hurt us more
Wa Salam Alekum
* Thankful to Allah *

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