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Drama / Attacks / Legal action
I understand from Mr. Kurd that he has received several messages stating that there is going to be legal action against him in respect of his website redsecurity.info

Firstly,  if Mr. Kurd receives legal action, I have told Mr. Kurd that he will have legal representation from a qualified legal professional who will defend his case and do so free of charge.   I have also been told that Mr. Kurd has no legal case to answer to (from the details I passed on).
Secondly, I can not see anything illegal in Mr. Kurds website, nor its name.  

I understand that redsecurity.org is or has already made a trademark application for the "Red Security" name, but this application includes two generic words???   I mean, you will hit problems in registering just one generic word, let alone two...   Btw, if you are successful in registering "red security", then, I am immediately going to register the words "world wide web" and "internet" as my trademark.... Hmm....

Even if successful, then is the jurisprudence going to affect Mr. Kurd?    Will the trademark be applicable worldwide?  (Answer = no)

Perhaps it would be prudent of people to.... you know.......  actually be an Anon and do something to help.
#wherearethechildren -  this would be a nice starter point perhaps?  Rather than silly nonsensical dramas and empty threats.

Also, may I suggest that instead of wasting your money on legal action (which you are highly likely not to win or even get it into a court room),     as well as wasting money on trademark fees (which mean absolutely nothing as generic words and Mr Kurd has a Swartz licence on his site), then as you seem to have an abundance of money to spend, perhaps go out and do #OpHomeless

I can confirm that Mr. Kurd will receive free legal defence (if required,  but such defence has... well, i wont say their exact reply, but there were a lot of laughing emojis)
I can also confirm that if Mr. Kurds site is attacked, then I will offer Mr. Kurd hosting on same server as some other Anonymous websites.  If the attacks continue there, then it will simply be moved to its bulletproof hosting.

Anons do not make threats against other Anons,  neither do they start legal action.


I am neutral in this.    If redsecurity.info were attacking redsecurity.org,  then I would be helping redsecurity.org
At the moment, I am helping Kurd.

You can use this thread to discuss this matter.   Hopefully both sides will reach an agreement, failing that will stop the nonsense drama and threats.

Mr. Kurd -  I notice that your website has helped with some freeanons awareness lately,  thank you for that.     I've asked L from redsecurity.org for help previously, but nothing.  I guess he was busy with other ops and no time.  

Oh yeah, I realise my post here may alienate some people.   Basically, idgaf.... I am not here to make "friends",  I am here to get things done and will defend someone if I can see actions against them are unjust.

Am I wrong?   Discuss it here, within thread.
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Thank you JDM, you had mention important pints here, instead of attacking each others it is better to do something to help and thank you for your offers I will keep them in mind, This is not out war, I hope we reach an agreement.

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I would like to attach a screenshot of a threat received from "Satski", how do I do this?

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