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Help Navagation tools help
Guys whats up hope ur enjoying this wonderful page Mr. Kurd did ?
I need help with 

The <ul> <li></li> </ul>

Tools like news, contact us, about us, and etc. I wAnt to put them on the side vErtical way on the left i have managed to put it on the left and vertical but just not quite there yet i keep getting stuck can anyone put html list options i can do and want also help with the hover of the page i kinda suck at that 

thank you who ever understands and helps lol ???
<ul> and </ul> tags are used for unordered lists,
<li> and </li> are for listing items in a ordered list. These are mainly used in creating top 10 lists, member lists, or anything you would need to make a list for!
I have used these rarely, as i have not often needed to make lists., however, they are quite useful.
you can see them in action here:
<BR> tags work often the same way, if i remember correctly.
[Image: KNCwGoF.gif]
ipconfig -all
Thank you im working on a project i just needed to know what is good and all
no problem, glad to help.
[Image: KNCwGoF.gif]
ipconfig -all
Alekum Al-Salam @Miss4ulove
and Thanks @AnonMask for help.

I will move the thread and will closed soon.
* Thankful to Allah *

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