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How to be undoxable
Make Tor browser your default browser.
Route through tor
Use an offshore VPN like https://www.proxy.sh or host your own VPN servers.
Always keep no information about you on your email address you use to sign up on things
Make your passwords complicated. An example: #IiR$jlhke
You can find password generators to do this for you.
If you are already doxed and are switching to a new Alias, follow these steps.
If you use gyazo, switch to a different screenshotting program (this way your activity isnt suspicious)
If you dox people yourself, format your doxes differently if you switch aliases.
If someone messages you with you name, don't say "omg how tf u kno my name?", say "who's that?"
Post a dox on yourself, in your state. Make sure the address and the city is incorrect, but keep the dox in your area. Give it a fake name, and maybe an IP lookup of a friend's house or something in the dox. This way, people won't try to dox you, but they might actually swat the address on the dox (happened to me before), as people who dox usually swat, or isp **** you.

Anyway yeah, these are my tips to stay anonymous online and not get doxed, from experience. I've done doxing in the past, and know quite a bit of protection against it.
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Using different alias at same time Big Grin sometimes will confuse you and you will dox yourself Big Grin

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