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How to bypass ISP Data cap
==> As per my knowledge for now there is only two ways
1. VPN
2. VPS

The only solution for these days is using VPN  (Virtual Private Network) and VPS (Virtual Private Server). There is no way to boost your internet speed if your ISP signal towers or landline telecommunication box are shitty pieces of junk, and no way to mask your upload/download data usage from your ISP. Also for compression data it requires computing power so VPN
providers will not compress your data and count them. Tampering with your service provider's  server is the solution but it's illegal xD.

VPS is also a good option. But, there are some disadvantages similar as bandwidth/traffic limit, server location (if you are at the same local area where your vpn server is set up then it also
block sies which are blocked by your ISP, so use different country VPN), and computing power. You don't need domain name or larger storage. You are not making websites.

You can rent a hacker to bypass all your traffic through it's server but it will be cheaper for you to pay to ISP rather than hacker xD.

Well, i know a programm called ziproxy which encrypt as well as compress the data from your PC. It's free Smile

Download :  http://ziproxy.sourceforge.net/download.html



apt-get install ziproxy

cd /etc/ziproxy/

mv ziproxy.conf ziproxy.conf1

==> Then create a new one:

nano ziproxy.conf

==> Enter below code to it


Port = 8081
AuthMode = 1
AuthPasswdFile = "/etc/ziproxy/http.passwd"

AllowMethodCONNECT = true

UseContentLength = false

ImageQuality = {30,25,25,20}

ErrorLog = "/etc/ziproxy/error.log"
AccessLog = "/etc/ziproxy/access.log"

RunAsUser = "ziproxy"
RunAsGroup = "ziproxy"


#mobile user agent:
#RedefineUserAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.2.2; en-au) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30"

ProcessJPG = true
ProcessPNG = true
ProcessGIF = true
ProcessHTML = true
ProcessCSS = true
ProcessJS = true
ProcessHTML_CSS = true
ProcessHTML_JS = true
ProcessHTML_tags = true
ProcessHTML_text = true
ProcessHTML_PRE = true
ProcessHTML_NoComments = true
ProcessHTML_TEXTAREA = true

AllowLookChange = true

#block hosts
#URLDeny = "/etc/ziproxy/deny.list"

# ziproxy.conf ## tech.tiq.cc #

This gets you about the fastest possible speed. Images are compressed and in the deny.list you can deposit the URLs of ad servers to eliminate ads. The server also requires authentication
and acts as a HTTPS proxy, hence supports socksifiers like the program “Proxifier”. It also seems to be anonymous, meaning it does not send headers with your IP address in it. With the
newest version on Debian 7 it now also minimizes css etc., before packing it.

You can use the deny.list and mobile user agent (remove # in line) to save even more bandwidth.

The http.passwd file should already exist. Delete the 2 previous entries and insert your user+password like this:


By the way, you need to restart ziproxy for changes to take effect.

/etc/init.d/ziproxy restart

In older versions you had to use “stop” and “start” instead of “restart” and even with version 3.2.0 it sometimes gets stuck.

Congratulations, your ziproxy is now ready to be used. ?
Also i have attached deny.list  feel free to thanks me xD

Suggest me any soltuion if you in comment box. :wave:
Thank you man, nice tutorial Wink
Give it up bro...
* Thankful to Allah *

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