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My name is Logic, I've been apart of Red Sec since 2015. However, I was also apart of a fallen organization known as Black Sec. During my time with Black Sec I've gotten to meet a lot of people from the community one of them being BlackVirusScript himself; he taught me a couple of things but I've completely forgotten about the things he taught me. Anyways while I was apart of Black Sec I met L. L introduced me to an upcoming group Red Sec which I was interested in for a while. Later on Black Sec was destroyed, fallen, and was never heard of again. As I was scrolling through a couple of my old messages I've seen the message L. sent me. I messaged him for an invite to the server and made a couple of friends throughout my time with the server. I use to go by AnonCyber but then I started changing my username a couple of times. Anyways that's about all I can tell you about my time on Discord.

- Logic
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Nice Intro bro, I liked it, Welcome to our forum.
if you need anything feel free PMing me Smile
* This is My Home *
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