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Introduction Bish0pQ
Hello everyone,

I'm a 19 year old programmer, who loves absolutely everything about IT. My passion is coding though I also like IT security a lot.
I've been members on several forums, main ones being Ubers (while it was still online) and now Sinister.ly. I'm a pretty trusted member there and I tend to help as much people as I can.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and looking forward to spend time on this forum and share/learn things.

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask any time. Through PM or just below.
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Nice to meet you.........!!!
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(09-09-2017, 09:44 AM)sphinix Wrote: Nice to meet you.........!!!

Nice to meet you too! Hope to get to know you all.
[Image: 5u8rTPk.jpg]
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Hi my friend Glad you joined the forum Wink
I hope you enjoy and stay with us.
IF you need anything feel free always PM me Smile
* This is My Home *
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