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Introduction: Veratian
Big Grin 
Hello! I am Veratian and I would like to say I am very pleased with being here and apart of this community.
You may know me from the Discord server, or you may not, because I'm that one newbie that just joined. I am a part of Operation Pedo Hunt, still in training, but I'll become much better.

  I'll contribute and be sophisticated as much as I can with this community so we can thrive and make the world a better place.
I don't really know what to append to this thread, but if I can think of something and if I can edit (I don't know yet) this thread, I'll add more on here.
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Smile Nice thread as you said you are new so I don't know you yet lol.
Welcome to our forum, I hope you enjoy your staying here pls feel free PMing me, if you need anything.
This thread is for giving us information about yourself and your skills around (computer and IT) and yeah you can edit the thread as much as you want. see you around.
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