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News A Powerful Hacker Group Behind The Triton Malware Strikes Again
[Image: jolly_roger_security.jpg]

       A hacker group that is highly sought after by federal authorities, has been discovered having almost "blown up" a petrochemical facility in Saudi Arabia. The discovery was made by security researchers at FireEye, when traces of the Triton malware were found inside a second "unnamed facility." 

    Researchers at FireEye declined to comment when they were asked to elaborate further; when they were asked about details of the other facility. 

    They did state that this type of attack method is very akin to state sponsored groups; they are utilized in this manner when a nation wants to kick off an actual assault with a tedious [yet effective] cyber-attack. Bare in mind, using malware like Triton, to attack a chemical plant or other type of infrastructure, can cause physical damage to the facility and surrounding area, and more than likely, loss of life as well. This facility could have easily been destroyed had it not been for a flaw in the Triton's code. 

     Original article can be found here.

      That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 



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