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News A YouTube Social Engineering Scam Poses As Popular Influencer Accounts
[Image: reggie-love-video-deleted.jpg]

      YouTube,  a video streaming platform that has a reputation of being more endearing to its stockholders than its content creators, has suffered an issue this week; users on the platform that have been impersonating certain highly ranked creators and trying to fool their subscribers using phishing tactics. 

   One such email essentially thanked the user for being a fan of the channel, and stated that they were randomly selected for a gift. After a creator was contacted by one of their viewers about the emails, they quickly cleared it up that the email had not come from them. The channel owner went on to contact YouTube, in which they stated the following:

   “We’re in the process of implementing additional measures to prevent impersonation like this.”

   Apparently, this is the latest in a series of scams involving not just YouTube celebrities, but also politicians and some certain actors in cinema as well. 

   That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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