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News Apple Standing Strong with Denials
[Image: NewsPic_-_Copy.jpg?width=400&height=156]

  If anyone has been paying attention, Apple, Amazon, and China are facing some allegations from an article posted on the website of Bloomberg Businessweek. But given the nature of the article, Amazon, SuperMicro, government officials from China, and most stronly Apple, have denied all claims relating to Chinese spies breaching the Technological Supply Chain. 
These denials were laid out squarely in their emailed statements. 

  Apple has been the strongest in denying any tampering, and have even written a letter to congress. A lot of eyes are all pointing towards favoring the denials, these include DHS, GCHQ, and a top security agency from the UK. Although, Apple is clamping down hard, if it were found that there was a breach, Apple could suffer a major reputation hit. This same reputation held high by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has stated in the past that the security of customer data is a top priority, and that privacy is a civil liberty and right of all Americans. Anyone who knew what kind of person Steve Jobs was like, is welcome to debate that.

  Indeed, this whole matter is out of left field; now you could debate either side but the matter is still on-going. Tim Cook is currently in China, in what is being seen as a "PR counter-offensive" to the Bloomberg story. The US Senate and Commerce Committee have yet to respond. 

  This matter is still on-going, any more information that comes of this I assure you I will include in my next post. This is truly interesting, and I am even more interested to see where it goes. 

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