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News Astro IPTV Suffers Major Datat Leak
Early Wednesday, the data of around 60,000 customers was found on the open web, for sale. The customer data was apart of a large data leak by IPTV, a subsidiary of Astro, a DBS Pay TV service. The sellers had put the data up for sale, for the price of over 1,100 USD, for every set of 10,000 records. The customer data itself consisted of names, installation addresses, contact numbers, Portal ID and equipment details, and MyKAD numbers as well as details attached to subscribed packages.

Authorities from Astro have stated that no financial details of customers were leaked, and that their security systems were intact. This is only 5 months after a previous data leak from the  same company, where the data of 50,000 customers was found online for sale for around 755.00 USD per 10,000 records. The company was informed of this, but they never made a statement.

The company has removed all of the reported links, and have stated that their customer privacy is "of their utmost importance"

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