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News Australia Should Name Parliament Cyber Attackers
[Image: Massive-Hack-Hits-Ethereum-Parity-Client...9-2017.jpg]

              Recently, a cyber attack that targeted Australia's parliament, and associated major political parties, gave the AUS government and its prime minister, quite the scare. This is for good reason, as the attack is right around Australia's election, and many people still remember the alleged Russian hack that severely shifted the 2016 US election. 

      But there is still an on-going element in this story, Australia's government has yet to name a culprit. They have stated that the attack "was sophisticated" which implies that the attack was orchestrated by a state sponsored actor. But Australia's prime minister has yet to confirm this. 

     The elephant in the room, is that it was China; this attack happens a short time after Australia fully banned Huawei, a champion telecom company from China. The AUS is only one of several other nations that have banned Huawei from being either used by their own government officials, or banned from being in their country completely. These bans are over fears that the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] is going to use these phones to spy on those nations. Given the behavior of the CCP in recent years; spying on other countries, and even their own people, these fears are not misplaced. 

     It would not be crazy to suspect that China is behind this. One country trying to subvert certain groups of people that could be crucial in shifting a certain policy in another country's government, is not very far from the truth, but at this time, I have no information to back up this theory. 

     This leaves a lot of people to speculate; why doesn't the AUS just come out and say who it was? Many fingers are passively being pointed at China, but the AUS government has neither confirmed or denied these possibilities. 

     With that said, the Australian government is being urged to publish its data, and get as close as it can to naming the attackers, as a show of consequence to the Chinese...or whoever it was...that actions taken against another country, regardless of form, will always have a opposite reaction. 

     Original article can be found here.

      That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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