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News Australian Cyber Spooks Hacked Islamic State Comms Before Major Battle
[Image: 7923966-3x2-700x467.jpg]

            While Coalition forces move in on the last fortified positions in the middle east. Australia was also fighting off ISIS' support on the web; taking down their communications so that ISIS commanders couldn't talk with their troops. 

     ASD Director Mike Burgess had this to say: 

    "Our offensive cyber operators were at their keyboards in Australia, firing highly targeted bits and bytes into cyberspace. Daesh communications were degraded within seconds,"

     This assistance allowed Coalition forces to drive out ISIS from their positions, with broken communications and scattered troops, the Coalition took huge swathes of ground, pusing back ISIS further and further. 

     On top of blasting their internet power, some ASD operators were assuming false identities to infiltrate radical Islamist cells, to gain critical information; this information can either relate to movement of insurgents, deals overseas, where persons of importance may be hiding, etc. 

     This is yet another example of how much can be affected and/or manipulated via cyberspace, when the resources are present. 

     Mike Burgees' speech can be found here.

      Original article can be found here.

      That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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