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News Banking PINS exposed: Monzo Apologizes To Customers
[Image: gettyimages-504662110.jpg]

                              Monzo Bank, an online only banking service that started as a crowdfunding, had an harrowing time apologizing to its user base and securing its systems, when it was discovered that the PINs of around 480,000 customers was stored in log files. 

              Monzo very quickly secured the problem; deleting the log files and informing their customers of the issue and that it had been resolved. They also put out a statement that all users should update their banking app and even if you weren't directly affected, they should still take caution with they manage their account and be aware of how and where your information is stored. 

                               Original article can be found here.

                              That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.

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