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News "Black Stiks"
So this was something I pondered recently, after remembering the advent of "USB Killers" and the stories of someone plugging in a USB stick and then being suddenly killed in a surprise explosion, something in the deep, dank, recesses of my mind.... a light-bulb turned on.

[Now first off, I do not want to put forth that I endorse the modification of USB sticks to be used as weapons to kill and/or hurt a person or persons. I am not responsible for the use and/or misuse of this information]

So, the idea of a "Black Stik" or a USB stick modified to be used to kill someone, is a rarity in and of itself. While I do not believe that there have been recorded incidents of people dying from these, I do believe there to be quite a few in circulation, in terms of their design. Now these are the type of things that you would hear about killing one maybe two people, but deployed in such a way against a community or a specific group of people, would be a new twist on cyber-terrorism for sure. The one I had in mind, would be made specifically to target people with epilepsy.

There are two things that the attacker would have to bank on, in order for this to work; the person must be ignorant enough to think that plugging in a random USB wouldn't be detrimental in any way. The second one is the condition itself, does the person have epilepsy? If these two conditions are met, then the attacker likely has a valid target. The execution is simple, make sure the target receives the USB, plugs it in, gets exposed to the flashing lights. then will likely experience a seizure of some kind. The chance of them dying from the seizure are high; although, there are variables to be considered.

Now, I am currently doing some research on the possible capabilities of what I have come to call "Black Stiks". I will post another part to this, when I have compiled a bit more information.

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nice, this is new for me, I hope you do well with your research.
I'm interest in this, Let's wait the result.
* Thankful to Allah *
Thank you Kurd, Smile I can't wait to continue the thread. I hope you are okay
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