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News Bugs in Qualcomm Chips: Could Enable Android Hacking Over The Air
[Image: copertina.png]
                                   Qualcomm chips have been discovered to have a serious bug, two actually, QualPwn bugs, that could be utilized by hackers to compromise the Android kernel over the air. The security arm that published the report had this to state: 

               [i]“[/i][i]QualPwn[/i][i] is a series of vulnerabilities discovered in Qualcomm chips. One of the vulnerabilities allows attackers to compromise the WLAN and Modem over-the-air. The other allows attackers to compromise the Android Kernel from the WLAN chip.” [/i]

[i]               This over the air attack can be utilized while the attacker and the target share the same WiFi network, no user interaction is needed. These bugs have been given a high severity rating, and have also been addressed by Anbroid by pushing the proper fixes. [/i]

[i]                 The security arm behind the discovery of these bugs, Tencent Blade, have stated that they have not seen any exploitation of these bugs, to their knowledge. [/i]

[i]                 They will be presenting their findings at Black Hat USA 2019, as well as the DEFCON 27 security conference. [/i]

[i]                  Original article can be found here.[/i]

[i]                     That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.[/i]

[i]                   ---Mad-Architect [/i]
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