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News CYBER ATTACK >> Islamic State
Within the last several hours or so, a major cyber-attack was launched against the Islamic State by the UK. This is in response to mass spreading of terrorist propaganda by the IS via the internet. The director of GCHQ, Jeremy Flemming, stated that "the outcomes of the operations are wide ranging."

Fleming also said that the fight against the IS will likely be drawn out, as the group continues to attempt to carry out attacks in Europe and the UK; these include setting up hidden staging areas, carrying out cyber-attacks as well as armed attacks against civilians and military sectors. There are also rumors that Russians of unknown affiliation assisted IS terrorists in spreading the NotPetya ransomware, GCHQ accused the Russian government of standing in and assisting the IS but Moscow denied any involvement in these attacks.

Although the accusations were denied, Jeremy Flemming did state that Russia is "Not playing by the same rules," and that "they are blurring the lines between criminal and state activity."

--- Sh7nk-Z0id
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Thank you bro, I hope involved people targeted in the operation not civilian.

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