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News China’s APT40 Group Stole Navy Secrets
[Image: Russia%2Band%2BIndia%2Btargeted%2Bby%2BC...ackers.jpg]

                  Another cyber-breach by a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group, designated APT40, was discovered by security researchers at FireEye. This particular attack seems aimed at supporting China's Belt-and-Road Initiative, their global trade plan. 

        This attack was targeting the US navy; stealing plans and information that China could use to further advance their naval capabilities. This attack stems from when the Chinese People's Liberation Army seized a US Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle [UUV] that was found operating in the South China Sea. This was stated by one of the security researchers at FireEye. About within a year, the Chinese state sponsored group was observed masquerading a UUV manufacturer. Using this, they were able to steal login credentials and information from universities that were invested in naval research. 

        This is only one of many incidents orchestrated by APT40, and other Chinese state-sponsored groups, that have transpired within the last five years or so. And it is likely not the last. China seems determined to take aggressive action against any nation that it deems a threat to the Belt-and-Road initiative. Whether it be breaching a important system, or kidnapping state officials or nationals. 

        Original article can be found here.

        That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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