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News DARPA Funding Tecgnology to Spot Fake Videos
A non-profit organization called SRI International, has just received funding by DARPA to help create technology to help spot what are being called "DeepFakes" or fake videos where a person of strong political standing within a nation or a person of importance performing illicit acts. These types of videos [or pictures] might sound familiar, as it is quite the same as the fake pictures and videos that swarmed social media during the 2016 Presidential election.

While they seem like such a menial concept, fake videos and fake posts, when done at the right time and in the right manner, can be a destructive weapon. They can sway public opinion, stain the reputation of a person or persons, or if done right, can stop a bill from being passed.

When you think about it, these can almost be as deadly if not more than a gun or a bomb. It is good that someone is finally setting a good and tempered defense for this type of mass covert propaganda. All of this is being done in DARPA's new MediFor program. [Media Forensics] and will involve world class researchers to help create the technology.

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That is a good news, thank you bro.
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