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News DNA Sequencers Being Hacked by Iranian State Group:
[Image: hacker-with-laptop-922359280-5c32d4a546e...1bb991.jpg]

                  DNA sequencers have been discovered being attacked by what could be concluded, is a state sponsored group from Iran. So far, what they have done is plant shells to try and take control of underlying web servers via a vulnerability, designated CVE-2017-6526. 

        Given the fact, that the vulnerability being utilized, some have speculated if the attacker is one of an organized group, or just a script kiddie taking advantage of pre-made botnets, and old un-patched vulnerabilities. 

        It is unknown why the attacker or attacker(s) are focusing on these systems, but two reasons have been brought to the table. One is that they are using the hashed sequences to collect more personal data, or are using the un-patched holes to plant malware or miners.

        As of the writing of this post, the identities of the malicious actors are unknown. 

        Original article can be found here.

                  That was the news folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there.


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