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News Elfin Hacking Group Targets Multiple U.S. and Saudi Arabian Firms
[Image: hacking-group.png]

            Iran linked hacking groups have been discovered targeting specific infrastructure in the United States and Saudi Arabia. This has been on-going two years now; and its being continued, with the group targeting military, telecommunications, and research and chemical manufacturing sectors as well. 

     The group, formally known as APT33, also known as Elfin by the research groups that discovered their activity. The same research group has been watching Elfin launching heavy hitting attacks against the US and Saudi Arabia, with the majority of the attention towards the Saudis. 

     The group has also been found utilizing WinRAR flaws amidst their attacks. 


     Original article can be found here.

            That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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