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News Emoji Kitten Denial Of Service Attack Continues to Haunt Skype
[Image: 1maurg.jpg]

    Skype, a video and chat client that many people still use, mostly those in the business and IT world, has a debilitating but also hilarious vulnerability that has been affecting its users. 

  A DOS [Denial of Service] attack that utilizes Kitten emojis to overwhelm your CPU. A very simple attack that could jam up almost board meeting if there was an attacker that sought to do so. 

  This vulnerability, designated [CVE-2018-8546] mainly affects Skype for Business 2016 and previous versions, Windows Users; Office 365 ProPlus 2013 and before and MS Lync 2013. Microsoft had recently released a patch for the aforementioned issue. 

  That was the news folks, have a nice day, and stay safe out there.

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