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News EuroFins Pays Ransom Amid Encounter With Ransomware:
[Image: catching-russian-hackers.jpg]

            EuroFins, a UK based police forensics lab, has reportedly paid out a ransom to retrieve its data, after it had been encrypted. At this time the amount paid out has not been disclosed. EuroFins works with around 800 laboratories all over the world, and deals with somewhere in the ballpark of 70,000 criminal cases in the UK every year. So it could be understandable as to why they felt they had to pay the ransom. 

      EuroFins has stated that everything is back in working order, and operations have continued. At this time, the malware used and the suspected actors have not be disclosed. 

      Original article can be found here. 

      That was the news folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there.

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