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News Evil Corp Returns With New Malware Infection Tactic
In The Name OF Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

[Image: 36c3-fake-emails-featured.jpg]

Hello Guys, Evil Corp came back nowadays Smile Well, You may don't know what is Evil Corp? Evil Corp was a group of merchant they own mostly all bank in the series movie Mr.Robot, An evil corporation is a trope in popular culture that portrays a corporation as ignoring social responsibility in order to make money for its shareholders. But ehhh on 6 Dec 2019 a group called itself Evil Corp

Quote:The U.S. unveiled criminal charges and sanctions against members of a group that calls itself Evil Corp, which authorities blame for some of the worst computer hacking and bank fraudschemes of the past decade.
The Soruce

Anyway they came back with a new tactic for their hacks:

Quote:Cybercrime group Evil Corp (a.k.a. TA505 or Dudear) is back in action after a short hiatus, with a technique in its arsenal not previously used by the group to distribute malware.

Microsoft on Thursday said that it observed emails from the cybercriminal gang utilizing HTML redirectors. Microsoft is unclear whether these HTML redirectors are URLs in the body of the email itself or if they are embedded into an attachment to the email. Regardless, once they are clicked on, they automatically download a malicious Excel file. Next, if the victim “enables editing” in the Excel file, the final payload is dropped.

Wa Salam Alekum
* Thankful to Allah *

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