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News FBI Catches Feat, HS kids Catch a Hacking Rap
[Image: gettyimages-504662110.jpg]

              We have a couple reports here, to start off with, the FBI is  taking some heat for not ensure that the system that protects our data and likely the security of this country, is at fault, and not up to date. This caused an uproar at the DOJ,[Department of Justice] in a report by them they stated that typographical errors have forced long delays on notices, and unclear plans for notifying victims of a breach of personal data. This is unfortunately not the first time that overall security in the US has been proven lax, in the last couple years, the FBI has also taken heat for far more embarrassing holes in security. 

      Next up, a couple of Highschool students from Seacaucus High, New Jersey are in some hot water for DDoSing their school's wifi network to get out of doing a test. Apparently, the school's tests rely on an internet based curriculum, and by taking down the wifi, they thought they could get out of the test, obviously this didn't work, and are now facing criminal charges. 

      [Just a heads up, there are a few more reports in the link below, but I only wrote about two of them, I figured that the two I picked would suffice for the night.]

      Original article can be found here.

       That was the news folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there.

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