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News FBI arrests second Apophis Squad hacker in the US
[Image: hacker.jpg]

             The arrest of one Timothy Dalton Vaughn marks the second arrest of a member of 'Apophis Squad' a well known hacker group that caused quite a stir in recent years. This less than one year since the first arrest of an UK man, George Duke-Cohan. Both men have been charged in an indictment that was unsealed by the DOJ as of yesterday. 

      The two men stand accused of orchestrating a series of DDoS attacks, bomb threats, and various threats of violence against government, state, and private institutions.  A press release by the DOJ can be found here.

       The alleged leader of the group, George Duke-Cohen, who went by handles such as 'Digital Crimes' and '7R1D3N7' and Timothy Dalton Vaughn, who went by handles such as 'WantedbyFeds' and 'Hacker_R_US', are both facing serious prison time, with Duke-Cohen facing up to 65 years in jail, and his associate possibly facing up to 80 if they are found guilty of all charges. 

      These charges include the aforementioned threats, but the main scope of the arrests was for the DDoS and extortion committed against ProtonMail.

       Original article can be found here.

       That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 

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