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News Facebook’s War on Fake News Hits the UK
[Image: mdoying_180118_2249_facebook_0445stills_3.0.jpg]

        Facebook, the only other tech related giant besides a major tech titan, Apple, that had a fair bit of attention last year and before. Mostly Facebook, for their controversial involvement in the US 2016 Presidential Elections, concerning fake news and the spread of pro Trump propaganda; allegedly, by undercover Russian agents. 

   In the aftermath of this, Facebook has been setting its sights on battling fake news on their platform. A UK based charity group called Full Fact has been hired by Facebook to sift through user's posts, pictures etc, if any of them have been flagged as fake or bogus. On top of this, posts that have been flagged as possibly fake, will have a "Disputed" tag on the post. 

   There are exceptions to these flags, such as satire or posts based on user opinion. Besides this, users will retain the option of re-posting an article even if it has been flagged; Facebook stated that this is to ensure their user's free speech while still improving the overall user experience. Also, posts flagged as disputed will not be removed, but demoted, as to lower the amount of views that the post gets. 

   That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

   Link to original article can be found here.



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