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News Facebook Pays Teens to Download a VPN App That Spies on Them
[Image: Facebook-fine-by-UK-ICO-confirmed-800x445.jpg]

    In another controversial move by Facebook, the social media giant has been experimenting with a new app called the 'Facebook Research App', it is a VPN that allows full and even sometimes root access on request, to their their android or iOS devices. This experiment has been on-going since 2016, and has been observed in the Apple store, asking users to bi-pass the store and download the VPN instead. 

  It is telling sign on far Facebook will go to ensure its dominance in the field of social media, and how aggressive it intends to be against any competitors. Facebook has since removed the app from the Apple store, but there was no conclusion as whether Apple requested them to or not. 

 In conclusion, while the legitmacy of Facebook's purpose is still only speculation, if the VPN was given full access to one's phone, the app could very well have access to pictures, messages, traffic coming and going, call records, etc. 

 That was the news, have a safe week, and stay safe out there.

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