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News Facebook Releases News on Recent Hack
[Image: NewsPic.jpg?width=400&height=225]

     During the latter days of September, the social media giant Facebook, suffered a massive breach after malicious actors discovered vulnerabilities in Facebook's "View-As" feature. They utilized this to steal access tokens across over 45 million users. This also caused to have user's personal information view able to all users. As of this week, the motives and identities of the attacks have not yet been pegged. Facebook stated that they are working closely with the FBI, in the process of catching the culprits. 

  In total, over 30 million users were affected, with an extra 15 million users that had may have had their information breached. 

  Facebook stated that privacy and security in regards to their users is a top priority of Facebook, and it strives to always ensure the safety of user data.

  That was the news, take it easy everyone and have a good weekend.

      Big Grin The shadows are where monsters hide Big Grin
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