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News Facebook Squares Up to Law Enforcers with New Privacy Focus
[Image: jbareham_180405_1777_facebook_0003.0.jpg]

        Facebook is under heat, and law enforcement and politicians alike are directing extreme scrutiny at them, for understandable reasons of course. Facebook was instrumental in hastening the creation of the GDPR; as in they were a defining reason it was created. Ever since the Facebook debacle during the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook has had a bumpy run. These road was ridden with bugs, glaring security flaws, and rampant misinformation. Also don't forget that many terrorist groups, active gangs and sex offenders also operated on Facebook. 

    Facebook has of course been making efforts to combat these problems. By stating that they will add better and stronger encryption to their messaging apps, so that users can safely communicate without fear of being snooped on. Of course this did not seem very comforting to any state officials, understandably so. They fear that this will only strengthen the hold that malicious actors have on the platform. Aside from the security boost, officials from Facebook have stated that they are active on fighting misinformation on the platform, by flagging accounts and or posts as possibly false. This has to be the second biggest problem they face; as severe misinformation and rumor spreading has cost many lives in India alone. 

    Clearly, Facebook still has a long way to go, before it can completely adapt its platform to combat its major problems. Until that happens, it appears that law enforcement sectors and state officials will be hounding them every step of the way. 

    Original article can be found here.

     That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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mhm imagine if Facebook down :O
* Thankful to Allah *
That would be a miracle and a half, it would be even better if they stayed down
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