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News Firefox 66 Will Feature MiTM Attack Warnings By Default
[Image: SP_Mozorg_BlogHeader_PrivacyExt-02.png]

     Firefox 66 will be kicking off with a bang this year, with its newly implemented 'MITM alert system', where a visual error is brought up if for some reason your connection becomes broken due to an unknown application in between them and the internet. 

  Mozilla had this to say:

  “We turned on the MitM error page by default in 66, alerting users that their connection is probably broken because of an application in the middle of their traffic.”

     It was also stated elsewhere that the alert system would alert the user if an application has attempted to replace TLS certificates with ones that are not trusted by Firefox. 

   This is welcoming news; amidst the shadow of widespread and increased activity in cyber-warfare and cyber-crime. Hopefully this new implementation is worth the time, and bares positive results. 

   That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 

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That would be cool... I love Firefox..
* Thankful to Allah *
Yeah, we'll see how it goes.
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