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News Global Losses to Hacker at 1.8 Billion
[Image: News.jpg.jpg?width=400&height=225]

    The last several years, the world has seen a major increase in hacking related incidents; this is due to the rising popularity of the trade itself, and to governments, terrorist groups, and organized criminals realizing the importance of a hacker in as an asset. We are entering the digital age, and in this new world we find ourselves walking a tightrope. One that is easily snapped, if the wrong key is pushed at the wrong time. 

  At the HackIT 4.0 conference in Kiev, Ukraine, hackers, tech lovers and all met up to share ideas, see hackers take a go at each other, and also got to go see Chernobyl...seriously..that's pretty cool. At this conference it was also concluded that global losses to hacking related attacks was at 1.8 billion. This was mostly from crypto-currency block chains, wallets, and ICOs. These are popular targets these days; and there is nothing that hackers or criminals love more than untraceable funds. While this is still a volatile currency, its predicted that its value will jump to almost 180 billion by 2025 and almost 3 trillion by 2030. Now those are some attractive numbers, you could see now why its so sought after; the digital age pampers the criminal just as much as the average person. 

  In the coming years, technology as well as hackers will see a great change, in defense and in attack. We could see weaponized AI, utilized for breaching networks, or imagine one designed for social engineering. The possibilities where that is concerned are endless. On top of that, if driverless cars got off the ground, then a world where these could get hacked would cause serious problems. Back to my "bomb scenario", more casualties would mount if the hospital isn't operational, but it wouldn't even matter if the EMTs cannot even get to the hospital because of clogged traffic. There are ways that you could get around it, but the variables are too many, and the process to implement them would be a headache. Sadly we can only predict the context of the event itself, but not an actual event happening, again the digital age is no place for society to be naive. Ten years ago, the most dangerous thing you could give a terrorist was a bomb, give them a hacker then have the two work in tandem, now the doomsday scenarios can be put in motion. 

   But, with this said, there will be innovation on the side of defense, this we know. We are in a Cyber-arms race right now, and as of now the bad guys seem to be winning. The only things we can do, is be safe, stay vigilant, and innovate. 

   That was the news, stay safe out there folks..and have a good week. 

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