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News Hacker Group with Ties to North Korea Found Using Servers in Thailand
A Hacker group called "Hidden Cobra", a group allegedly to have presumably strong ties to North Korean government, was found to be using servers in Thailand in carry out cyber-espionage attacks across the globe. John McAfee, earlier this week, released information on a global hacking campaign that was dubbed "Operation GhostSecret".

It was found, during an investigation, that the purpose of this campaign was to steal information pertaining to the critical infrastructure, finance, health, telecommunication, and also entertainment organizations. McAfee also wrote that the behavior of this campaign is very complex, seemingly fooling forensic investigators, and evading detection. They also wrote that Hidden Cobra, may also be the same group that was responsible for a large scale attack on Turkish banks last month. https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/ne...d-strikes/
There are also similarities between Hidden Cobra and the hack on Sony Pictures in 2014; they were also blamed for the WannaCry attack that resulted in the crippling of networks around the world during May of last year.

One of the servers was found in Thammasat University in Bangkok. On the server was a SSL certificate that is similar to ones used in the past, specifically, the Sony Pictures hack.

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