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News Hackers Exploit Chile’s ATM Network Under The Guise of a Skype Job Interview
[Image: SecurityHackeriStock-502860430.jpg]

    A breach of Chile based financial institution, RedBanc, was hit with a targeted attack, via social engineering, and the deployment of malicious software. Authorities have cited the hacker ring known as Lazarus as responsible for the attack. But Lazarus only contributed to half of the damage; according to experts, the attack was first initiated in December, 2018, but RedBanc had kept it quiet. They were called out harshly for this, and because of their silence, they allowed the already dicey situation, become much worse. 

 The Korean based hacking group, Lazarus; who by authorities are not yet sure is responsible, orchestrated an attack via social engineering and infiltration. They posted an offer on LinkedIn, this trap allowed an employee at RedBanc who was attracted to one of the openings, and applied. The employee was then interviewed over Skype, and instructed to download "required" software, but reality, they had downloaded malicious software that was utilized to breach and take control of the RedBanc network. 

 While authorities are still speculating whether Lazarus is responsible, they are leaning towards a yes, as this is most recent attack on banks based in Chile, by Lazarus. Their last attack targeted another bank, Banco De Chile.

 That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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