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News Hackers using Malware that Steal Premium Users Credentials from Pornhub, XVideos to s
[Image: ramjqylo6nurzkhdlgumoupyhlk9cqa9djidvysw...6449501da9]

        Pornhub, XNXX videos, and XVideos have been hit with a phishing scam; one that steals banking credentials from those who are a part of any premium membership. This has actually been happening for a while; a government official who allegedly visited over 9000 pornographic websites allowed malware to enter through his station, and infect an entire network. 

    Malicious actors have been stealing the banking credentials and selling them on the Dark Web to the highest bidder. These credentials have apparently been selling for thousands, and more may be on the way. These credentials have been stolen using phishing, fake notifications, etc. Adult websites are a prime place to grab credentials since they see a lot of traffic. 

    According to Kaspersky Labs, that in the 20 most popular adult websites, 80% of all malware are disguised as porn. They have identified 642 families of malware were present on most adult websites, and that most if not all were malware.

    Aside from the obvious, please take care when visiting adult websites, and please be careful what you click on.  

    Original article can be found here.

    That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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