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News Hacking Forum Robbed of User Data: Found Published on Rival Site
[Image: steal-private-keys-from-PC.jpg]

                  A hacker's forum called Social Engineered, one dedicated to the art of lying was breached, and well, they lost all of their user data and found it later published on a rival site. 

        The information included usernames, IP addresses, passwords, all of these stored in MD5 hashes, also included were private messages exchanged between users. The information in total was from 55,000 users. 

        According to the forum's owner, a vulnerability in MyBB was the reason for the leak. A patch for the hole was rolled out on June 10th. Social Engineered has now since moved to the XenFoo platform,  in an effort to ensure that this never happens again.

       Original article can be found here.

                That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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