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News Heart Implants at Risk of Cyber Attack
Recently the FDA recalled over 465,000 implantable cardioverter defibrillators or ICDs for firmware updates. This special device is typically used for treating irregular heartbeats. This is yet another case of where medical devices have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks; they are becoming connected to networks, the internet, hospital networks and even smartphones. With these elements in the equation, the increasing risk of an isolated scenario, where an attack breaches a device and kills the patient, are being strongly considered and firms are working hard to raise defenses. There are always the possibility of a breach somewhere; a medical devices being broken into or patient records being stolen and sold or deleted completely.

This comes only days after Microsoft reached a deal, albeit a costly one, with the NHS [National Health Service] on letting all NHS organizations use Windows 10. A change that will hopefully raise the bar in defending hospital assets, patient records and property, and the tools and devices utilized to help them.

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