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News Huawei Blacklisted In New Zealand
[Image: Huawei-Logo-red.jpg]

    New Zealand has just banned the Huawei phone, citing not unlike the US and other nations that see the phone as a significant security risk, and these trying times where malicious actors with sophisticated computing skills are as deadly if not more deadly than an attacker with a bomb. With multiple and "brazen" attacks on many separate institutions  in the past several years, it has become apparent that nations must be more vigilant against attacks that come through the airwaves. 

    In an age where electronic warfare rampant, and the methods of delivery of those attacks are also evolving, selling phones to multiple countries that may have pre-installed security holes is one method of attack is both precarious and cunning. 

    That was the news, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 

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