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News Increase Seen in Tech Support Scams
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    Occasionally, something happens on our smartphone or computer, causing panic to ensue and you go and seek a solution, this is where tech support comes in. They are the people who will likely purvey the solution to your problem, but on the one hand, what if you encounter someone who just wants to provide you with more problems? 

  Enter, Tech Support scams, people who just want your money, and likely want to give you a healthy exposure to a nasty virus. How these work is that the user will see a pop-up, telling them there is something wrong with your device, and will offer to troubleshoot the problem, this typically leads the user to download a type of malware, likely a ransomware. Scammers have seen an uptick in recent years; with society becoming so reliant on technology we are too quick to walk into a scam. 

  Scammers utilize a small degree of tactics to spread malware and steal information, and this is all dependent on the user that they have gotten to know too well. Scammers will often pose as an representative from a fake company, will lead you to believe there is something wrong, and that they can provide a solution... for a fee. Now most "actual" tech support outlets will provide their service for free, so one major red flag is them noting a service cost. On top of this, some users who go searching on forums and find themselves lead to a malicious site. Cyber-criminals have gotten pretty smart at getting links to dangerous sites to rank very high on search results. So pay attention to where the link is leading to. There are some ways to see past a lot of the lying: 

  • When needing help with any purchased software, look at the packaging which accompanied the software for the accurate web address or customer support line.

  • Be careful when paying for tech support. A large number of tech support assistance is free, so always investigate on this issue.

  • Skip all links and go directly to the source. Manually input  the address of the company you want to contact into the address bar of your browser. The search bar can pull up false results, so be cautious.

  • Links are not trustworthy. Always check links before clicking them.

  • Some scammers will call you first, and impose tech-related problems on you. Be wary of such, and never trust any “support” makes the first call.

     That was the news, have a good Sunday everyone. 



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Hi, It is just more websites error messages with tech support number/ tech support randomly calls people or malicious malware to download and get infected with tech support numbers?
[Image: SMCLbackground.jpg]
Its more on smartphones if anything, other times its through email, like there will be a random email (likely in your spam folder) where it will state that your device, phone or computer, is infected with malware, they will hence lead you onto the solution, which you can download from them, but its probably malware of some kind, and not a solution at all.
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