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News Iranian Cyber-War Groups Targeted: Group
[Image: shutterstock_547592083.jpg]

                 Iranian state sponsored cyber groups are being targeted, and the attackers behind the dumps are currently unknown. Mass loads of personal information, including hacking tools used by them, and confidential data was leaked onto Telegram, and as it stands it shows no signs of letting up. 

        The group responsible, yet unknown, has come out and spoken against the Iranian government, and urged all good Iranian citizens to stand up against their government. The group specifically focused their anger against the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence; stating the tools which were leaked, were used against Iranian citizens. 

        What tools that have been leaked, have let some nations's cyber groups have a fine look into how state sponsored groups operate. This is a rarity, where as such groups share the same cloak of concealment that a government uses for itself. 

         As of the writing of this post, the actors behind the leaks have stated that more is to come. 

         Original article can be found here.

                    That was the new folks, have a good rest of the weekend, and stay safe out there.

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