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News Is Bitcoin Mining still profitable in 2020 - The answer: It depends on those factors!
[b][b]What to consider before starting Bitcoin Mining[/b][/b]
What is Bitcoin Mining
They exist many Crypto Currency Coins available for Mining, not only the Bitcoin, those are called "AltCoins", It is always a good start to see how the market have moved since the last information you got as it change every seconds, some coins pay a lot more some days, and other pay more other days, there's a lot of variation, and that is what making it hard to estimate your potential revenue.
When we are proceeding to what we call "Bitcoin Mining" The GPU are using there unused MHz powers to Create the Hash and process data of the Bitcoin User's transactions, this is a resource intensive task, while the Hashing process is happening, your GPU will most likely run at 99% so don't plan on gaming while mining on the same computer.
You are paid for every transaction hashed!

What are the requirement
Bitcoin Mining only require 5 things
1 - GPU Card
2 - Crypto Coin Wallet
3 - Mining Program
4 - Electricity
5 - Internet
Everyone can Mine, but not everyone can make Money.

Keep reading this article and encourage our community!
You can find the full article here:[/b]

[b]Thank you, I really hope that this article which also provide Tools to estimate
if that would be profitable for you based on different factors, will answer all you question's!

sudo eval ./Matrix.exe
Partialy fixed your thread Wink looks good now to go... Thank you bro for your info...
* Thankful to Allah *

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