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News Jack’d Dating App Allowing Strangers to See Intimate Photos
[Image: Droid_Sat_Jackd_Reveal_Template_Facebook_App_v3-1.jpg]

     For those in business of online dating, might want to exercise more caution in the future if and when they post any sensitive photos. A major security flaw in the app allows anyone with a web browser to view and also download intimate photos that are shared between users, if the user knows where to look. This also includes being able to do so without authentication or logging in. 

  This recent development has given rise to fears that someone could use these photos for blackmail. This flaw was reported to Jack'd's programming staff several months ago, but it apparently still has not been patched. This is also not the first time a dating app has suffered a flaw like this; Grindr was found exposing upwards of 3.6 million users in late 2016. The information included body type, user details, as well as HIV status. Grindr reported that the flaw was patched last year, but there are still reports that user details can still be retrieved. 

  Until the problem is fixed, Jack'd staff have advised to remove all photos until the flaw is patched.

  That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

   Original article be found here.


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