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News Large Seizure in Dark Web Drug Bust
[Image: 455989-dark-web-feature.jpg?thumb=y&widt...height=456]

           In Sacramento, California, there was a huge drug bust by a joint effort between federal agencies and California law enforcement. The bust bore over 2 million in BTC, over 420 thousand in cash, a large stash of opioids that were the main product that was being trafficked, and several firearms. 

     This is following a nationwide crackdown by a specialized federal unit, to track down and apprehend drug traffickers operating on the dark web. One takedown in recent years was the AlphaBay marketplace in 2017, afterwards a federal taskforce was able to hunt down buyers and sellers easily. As was how federal authorities were able to hit the bust in Sacramento. 

     Jumping to know, a new round of indictments have been announced for suspects involved in dark web drug trafficking, most if not all of them, potentially face life in prison, and over a 2 million dollar fine. 

     Original article c an be found here.

           That was the news folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there.

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