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News Lazarus Group Targets Crypto-Currencey Exchange
[Image: hacker_0.jpg]
The infamous North Korean hacking group [DESIGNATED: Lazarus] has targeted a captor-currencey exchange platform based in Asia. It was due to glaringly common error, an employee mistake . An employee who had downloaded software from a third party website allowed a trojan [FallChill] "also from Lazarus" into the system. This most recent breach by Lazarus has seen their first deployment of a Mac OS based malware; this is in stark contrast their typical Windows based malware.

    The third party website, obviously a mock site, was able to put forth a malicious application that had a valid security certificate, which in turn allowed it to bypass security scans. Experts from Kasperksy Lab stated that they were not able to prove the certificate's address.

[FULL KASPERKSY LABS REPORT >>] https://securelist.com/operation-applejeus/87553/

   While there were seemingly no financial losses, Kaspersky stated  that we should all be extremely careful when moving between sites, whether they appear trustworthy or not. Trust is proven, not and never taken at a glance.

--- Sh7nk-Z0id
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