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News Malicious Actors Found Scanning For Vulnerable Windows Systems:
[Image: 1*TYAzzTJ60x-qg5N81ElU9A.png]

               Threat actors and/or an unknown group has been discovered scanning the internet for Windows systems that are vulnerable to the CVE-2019-078 vulnerability. 

       This affects the Remote Desktop Protocol, or "RDP" service that is included in older versions of Windows, mainly XP, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008.

       Microsoft has issued fixes for this vulnerability on the 14th of this month, this was apart of 2019 Patch Tuesday updates, and any users and companies were urged to update and patch their systems as soon as possible. 

       Original article can be found here.

                That was the news folks, have a fun and safe Memorial Day, and an amazing week, and stay safe out there.


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