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News Marcus Hutchins [MalwareTech] Dealt Four New Charges by FBI
Marcus Hutchins, or as you may know him, MalwareTech, has been hit with four new charges by the FBI via a revised superseding indictment. This was filed by the Wisconsin Eastern District Court. Marcus Hutchins may sound familiar, even mores so if you were following last year's WannaCry attack, a malware that crippled computers around the world. Marcus was the man who accidentally found the kills switch to the malware, and promptly ended the WannaCry attack.

Marcus is being hit with new charges, and these are as follows:

According to the new indictment, Marcus created, advertised, and sold a malware called "UPAS kit", this was advertised on YouTube and then sold to an accomplice. The accomplice then sold the malware to a customer who then utilized it to attack a banking institution. The last two charges relate to "aiding and abiding" the distribution of invasive code in an attempt to damage "10 or more protected computers," and aiding other persons in the breaching of other systems.

Marcus Hutchins has pleaded not guilty to the first charges he was hit with, and these new ones. His lawyer has stated that he confident that Hutchins will be vindicated and that the charges put forth by this indictment are meritless.

This had all started when Mr. Hutchins was arrested while returning home from DefCon in Las Vegas for his alleged role in distributing the Kronos malware between 2014 and 2015.

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