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News Mid-Term Elections in US Threatened with Fear of Hacking.
[Image: NewsPic_-_Copy_-_Copy.jpg?width=400&height=156]

    As the US Midterm elections draw closer, fears of the system getting hacked and manipulating the votes are the main concern; the 2016 election is still fresh in people's minds. Hacking isn't the only ghost that is stalking American voters; there is equipment that is out of date, there are electronic poll books that have been on the fritz, and the worst, human error. 

  With about a month before the Midterm, any major overhauls are not doable. All but one state still use outdated paperless touchscreen machines. After a demonstration at the 2018 DefCon hacking conference, hackers showed how easy it was to break into electronic voting machines, this only cemented fears. 

  Earlier in 2018, Congress acquired 380 million to be used to upgrade voting machines across the country, but this is "too little, too late". In Pennsylvania alone, it would cost up to 150 million to upgrade all of their machines. The federal funding only provided 14 million. But to shore up other holes for now, DHS keeps states updated on cyber threats, and sends out teams to review their systems. 


  Well that was the news, have a good day, and stay safe out there. 




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