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Mobile Devices Vulnerable To "Juice Jacking":

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[Image: 1*TYAzzTJ60x-qg5N81ElU9A.png]

                        Mobile devices, smartphones, small handheld computers which proliferated in the last decade, have fallen victim to an evolving tactic that malicious actors have profited off for a while now, a tactic known as "Juice Jacking".

           This attack methodology is orchestrated via public USB ports, that according to a public warning issued this week by LA County DA [District Attorney], the warning explained that public USB ports were vulnerable to hacking, and thus could be utilized to install malware and steal a treasure trove of data. 

           While this technique has only existed for some odd years now, its been evolving right along with smartphones, and the same actors that cultivate them have profited highly from it.


           While prevailing wisdom would say "to not use the public USB port", if you really must use it, there are some precautions you can take: You can disable port access to data on your phone, or plugging your own phone into a tablet or laptop and plug your own charging device into an AC outlet, that should charge everything without making it vulnerable to malware.

          This goes to show that regardless, technology can always be manipulated and be used to steal your data, and maybe your identity. 

          Original article can be found here.

           That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.


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