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News Mozilla Firefox 69 Will Have Flash Plugin Disabled By Default
[Image: Firefox.png]

    Mozilla Firefox, a common internet browser application, has been hard at work upping its security on the behalf of the common user. Everything from making the Facebook app contained so that it doesn't spy on you, to integrating a monitor into the software that alerts the user if there is a security breach. 

  With that said, the most recent security adjustment to Mozilla is disabling Flash in the upcoming version; IE Mozilla Firefox 69. Concerning this, Flash has always been a common route for attackers, because of this reason and otherwise, Adobe is set to discontinue development of Flash in 2020. More information in relation to this, can be found here.

  Flash is also set to be blocked by Microsoft Edge, as well as Google Chrome; they share the same concerns as Mozilla with regards to security flaws, bugs, and issues in performance. By the year 2021, Flash will have been phased out completely. 

  That was the news, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 

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